Audi V8 dimensions

Latest model: Audi allroad quattro V8 4.2 (2005)
Length: 189.4 (in) = 4810 (mm)
Width: 72.9 (in) = 1852 (mm)
Height: 61.1 (in) = 1551 (mm)

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Audi V8 details:

The allroad shares its platform with the second generation "c5" A6 Avant (station wagon), although an advanced air suspension, larger wheels with all-terrain tires and flared and unpainted bumpers give it a distinct look and more overall flexibility over varying terrain; Audi's quattro system is traditional equipment.

Audi's 2. 7 L, twin-turbo V6 was available initially, alongside the 2. 5 L TDI Diesel engines with 132 Kw (180 PS) and 370 N·m (273 ft·lbf) torque. A variant of the corporate 4. 2 Audi V8, shared with the A6 sedan, was made available in 2003, first in North America and later in other markets, and a less potent TDI followed in 2004.

The allroad was developed with the capability to tackle rough road conditions in mind; its traditional adjustable air suspension system can lift the vehicle high enough to offer 21 cm (8. 3 in) of ground clearance and a low-range mode, absent from other quattro equipped cars, can be selected with the touch of a control. When used in conjunction, the two systems made it possible for the allroad to full a Land Rover test-course, thus far it is the only car-based SUV that has been proven capable of doing so in testing. Conversely, the air suspension can lower the car down to only 16 cm (5. 5 in) above road level and simultaneously stiffen the spring and damper rates to offer a sporty driving experience much like that of the Audi S6. Many owners select to fit their allroad with a sportier, road oriented tire to emphasize it's sporty side, as most owners will never venture onto terrain rough enough to necessitate having a tire specifically developed for off-road conditions.

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