BMW 135i dimensions

Latest model: BMW 135i Coupe (2010)
Length: 172.2 (in) = 4374 (mm)
Width: 68.8 (in) = 1748 (mm)
Height: 55.4 (in) = 1407 (mm)

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BMW 135i details:

Starting immediately the BMW 135i Coupe and the BMW 135i Convertible come with a straight-six performance unit of the latest generation for the first time combining BMW Twinpower Turbo Technology, High Precision Injection and fully variable VALVETRONIC valve management, all interacting with one another to set new standards for economy with the highest level of performance.

In conjunction with the seven-speed double-clutch gearbox (DKG) featuring Sport Automatic available as an feature for the first time in the BMW 1-series as of March 2010, these superior technologies provide a further significant reduction of fuel consumption and emissions on these top-flight performers, setting up new records in acceleration and dynamic performance.

The top motor featured in both versions of the BMW 1-series develops maximum output of 225 Kw/306 hp at 5800, rpm from a capacity of three litres, combining spontaneous and direct response with unleashed free-revving driving qualities. Peak torque of the six-cylinder is 400 Newton-metres/295 lb-ft provided from just 1200, rpm all the way to 5000, rpm.

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