BMW 530i dimensions

Latest model: BMW 530i (2008)
Length: 190.9 (in) = 4850 (mm)
Width: 72.8 (in) = 1850 (mm)
Height: 59.1 (in) = 1500 (mm)

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BMW 530i details:

More convincingly than any other vehicle in its class, the BMW 5-series features supreme style and presence, on the one hand, with sporting performance and performance, on the other. And now the looks, driving experience and superior convenience provided by the 5-series reach a new traditional of perfection, highly appealing modifications on the look and significant, visible and tangible enhancement of style and sophistication in the dashboard accentuating the sporting, elegant and classy character of both the BMW 5-series Saloon and the BMW 5-series Touring.

The luxury ambience within the car's dashboard is borne out by particularly sophisticated materials, appealing colors and re-designed dashboard components and controls.

Performance units even more muscular than before and with exceptional all-round efficiency raise the line-up of engines in the BMW 5-series to an even higher traditional never experienced before, BMW's petrol and diesel engines already widely lauded for their superior performance and supreme refinement now also taking the lead in terms of economy in all performance classes.

BMW 530i coloring