BMW 7 ActiveHybrid dimensions

Latest model: BMW 7 ActiveHybrid (2010)
Length: 205 (in) = 5207 (mm)
Width: 74.9 (in) = 1902 (mm)
Height: 58.2 (in) = 1479 (mm)

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BMW 7 ActiveHybrid details:

On the heels of the BMW X6 Activehybrid, BMW announced the production version of the all-new BMW 7 Activehybrid, which will also premiere at the 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show (IAA). The BMW 7 Activehybrid will reach America shores in Spring, 2010. Based on the newest BMW 7-series, this original vehicle sets new standards for performance and efficiency in the luxury luxury class.

This symbiosis of an updated twin-turbo, High Precision Direct Injection, V8 motor with a 3-phase synchronous elec┬Čtric motor gives the BMW 7 Activehybrid a combined output of 455 hp and maximum torque of 516 lb-ft (preliminary figures). Performance is transmitted via an 8-speed automatic transmission with the electric motor positioned between the motor and the torque converter. The electric motor deserves its supply of energy from a lithium-ion battery designed specifically for use in this automobile.

Precisely controlled interaction of both performance sources serves to maximize the efficiency and dynamic performance of the BMW 7 Activehybrid. The result is a original driving experience that demonstrates the performance features of modern hybrid technology. The BMW 7 Activehybrid accelerates to 60 mph in 4. 8 seconds (preliminary), while delivering fuel efficiency about 15% better than the 750i. Official EPA ratings will be available closer to the US sphere release.

BMW 7 ActiveHybrid coloring