BMW Range dimensions

Latest model: BMW Coupe Range (2012)
Length: 181.8 (in) = 4618 (mm)
Width: 77.8 (in) = 1976 (mm)
Height: 55.6 (in) = 1412 (mm)

Compare BMW Range dimensions to: BMW 3-Series

BMW Range details:

BMW 's iconic M3 Coupe received a complete redesign for 2008 and beyond. Based on the new 3-Series Coupe, the new M3 has a revamped interior, exterior, and mechanical underpinnings. The M3 targets the Lexus IS-F, Audi RS5, and Mercedes CLK63 AMG.

The car features a high-revving powerplant like the M3s of previous years, but this time the motor is a V8. It also features tuned suspension, a six-speed manual transmission, a carbon fiber roof, and all the exterior modifications typical of an "M" car.

The M3's V8 powerplant has two more cylinders than its predecessor, delivering 414 horsepower from 4.0 litters and maximum torque of 295 pound-feet at 3,900 rpm. In keeping with BMW 's high-revving "M" tradition, maximum engine speed is 8,300 rpm. The engine is the lightest V8 in the world, weighing less than the previous M3's inline-six.

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