Buick GL8 dimensions

Latest model: Buick GL8 (2011)
Length: 206.9 (in) = 5256 (mm)
Width: 73.9 (in) = 1878 (mm)
Height: 70.9 (in) = 1800 (mm)

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Buick GL8 details:

The all-new 2011 Buick GL8 from Shanghai GM is now available. The luxury MPV builds on the heritage of the original Buick GL8, China's first family of executive wagons. Since the model's debut in 1999, more than 330000, have been sold across China.

The new model, which will reach the sphere in January 2011, features seven innovations and 27 technological breakthroughs along with enhancments in layout, room and security, technology, performance, features and class. The result is an unprecedented luxury MPV experience that is unmistakably Buick.

The new Buick GL8 was designed by Shanghai GM in cooperation with the Pan Asia Technical Auto Center (PATAC) in Shanghai with the specific needs of our buyers in mind, explained Terry Johnsson, Shanghai GM Vice President of Car Sales, Service and Marketing. It provides everything that buyers have come to expect from Buick, including a dynamic, smooth, quiet and convenient ride. Like its predecessor, the new Buick GL8 is the right offering at the right time.

Buick GL8 coloring