Cadillac BLS dimensions

Latest model: Cadillac BLS Wagon (2008)
Length: 185.7 (in) = 4716 (mm)
Width: 69 (in) = 1752 (mm)
Height: 60.7 (in) = 1543 (mm)

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Cadillac BLS details:

Cadillac reinforced its commitment to grow its make in Europe by announcing it will add the Cadillac BLS Wagon to its portfolio later this year.

The Cadillac BLS Wagon is an attractive addition to the Cadillac portfolio for buyers preferring dramatically developed luxury cars that provide versatility and performance along with impressive ride and handling characteristics, explained Cadillac Basic Manager Jim Taylor. This is the first Cadillac wagon in our 104-year history, and we think it will do well in many European markets where buyers desire a high degree of versatility and functionality in their performance luxury cars.

Clear, clean, crisp and sharply defined contours are Cadillac layout signatures. An international team of developers, under the leadership of Ed Welburn, GM vice president of Global Layout, created a Cadillac BLS Wagon with a striking wedge shape that is emphasized by the tapered lines of the side windows.

Cadillac BLS coloring