Cadillac DeVille dimensions

Latest model: Cadillac DeVille Sedan (2005)
Length: 207.2 (in) = 5263 (mm)
Width: 74.5 (in) = 1892 (mm)
Height: 56.7 (in) = 1440 (mm)

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Cadillac DeVille details:

A conventional Cadillac for the conventional Cadillac shopper, the Deville provides a plush ride, a lot of of space and surprisingly adept road manners, not to mention all the latest innovative features. Cadillac Deville Sedan offers the following pros: Smooth and strong performance from Northstar V8, roomy and convenient cab, admirable handling for a sedan of its size, simple DVD navigator. Cadillac Deville Sedan drawbacks are: Lacks the upscale picture of its competition, dashboard materials should be better for the price tag.
Cadillac DeVille coloring