Chery Karry dimensions

Latest model: Chery Karry (A18) (2007)
Length: 181.5 (in) = 4610 (mm)
Width: 66.7 (in) = 1693 (mm)
Height: 73 (in) = 1855 (mm)

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Chery Karry details:

Chery Karry A18 - established on the basis of the model Chery Amulet. This multifunctional and, in turn, is targeted at an economical minivan 7 people. First avtombil Chery Karry was submitted in November 2006 at the International Automobile Exhibition in Beijing as a police car. Mass production began with Karry March 15, 2007. Cherie Currie - utility vehicle such as "Heel" with the possibility of third rows of seats for passengers (capacity - up to 7 people). The car was designed in conjunction with the Italian firm's engineers Prototipo.

Karry filter can be used not only for the carriage of passengers and cargo, but also as a car accident or technical services. The machine can not boast of elegant design and powerful engine, however, such a workhorse, as Cherie Currie similar excesses to anything. The advantages are as Cherie Currie luxury saloon combined with a larger capacity. The luggage compartment of this model is very easy to increases in several times with minimal effort and time by removing the third row of seats, you get enough interior space for its equipment.

And the presence of the rear spring suspension, said the high capacity and endurance Chery Karry. The proposed engineering and design studies, Cherie Currie make the car a very attractive and very practical for large families, and for those looking for a versatile and spacious car. Of particular interest is the model Chery Karry, is for organizations that provide services to the transportation of small loads. The practicality and spaciousness of the car, combined with its cost, will significantly reduce transport costs and therefore attract even more customers to its side.

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