Chery Kimo dimensions

Latest model: Chery Kimo (A1) (2011)
Length: 145.7 (in) = 3700 (mm)
Width: 62.1 (in) = 1578 (mm)
Height: 60.1 (in) = 1527 (mm)

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Chery Kimo details:

Chery Kimo A1 - it was under this name will be sold a car that its appearance heralded a new era in the compact class. The car Chery Kimo turned this cosmopolitan. If the car in general was developed in conjunction with engineers from Detroit (Chrysler Group), then the design itself was developed with world-renowned Italian automotive bodywork studio Bertone. It is this appearance of the car turned solid, harmonious and stylish. The main principle dizaynerskogo style of this model was the combination of Hi-Tech and practicality.

The basic package Chery Kimo already included air conditioning, front airbags, central locking, immobilizer, front and rear windows, electrically adjustable, CD-radio with four speakers, alloy wheels, fog lights, anti-lock ABS and brake force distribution EBD. Before you start selling Chery Kimo was more than 30 certification tests, high-speed test of the reliability of the 200 000 km and a comprehensive test of the reliability of the 100 000 km.

The power unit Chery Kimo - a 16-valve engine Acteco, a working volume of 1.3 l., Capacity 83 hp was developed in cooperation with the Austrian company AVL's leading engineers from Europe, America and Asia. He passed the strictest tests to international standards: 3 million miles of road tests and tests of 10,000 hours. The highest reliability of engines Chery proves the fact that they are mounted on vehicles such famous brands as Alfa Romeo and Fiat. Transmission Chery Kimo consists of a 5-speed gearbox with integrated differential and clutch hydraulic mechanism.

Stability and comfort of passengers Chery Kimo provides independent suspension with McPherson type stabilizer bar. Rear suspension with a transverse beam is dependent in its design a few rubber silent blocks, pillows, which are quenched by small vibrations, increasing comfort and provide stable handling. Equipment and the degree of passive and active safety Chery Kimo corresponds most severe safety requirements in Europe and America. Chery Kimo has successfully completed a variety of laboratory tests on the clashes in the center of the famous British certification VCA.

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