Chevrolet Celta dimensions

Latest model: Chevrolet Celta (2006)
Length: 147.6 (in) = 3748 (mm)
Width: 63.3 (in) = 1608 (mm)
Height: 55.9 (in) = 1420 (mm)

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Chevrolet Celta details:

The first year of sales for GM do Brasil's Chevrolet Celta marks the most successful offering release in the company's 76-year history. A total of 81628, Chevrolet Celta vehicles were sold during its first twelve months in the sphere, the highest first-year sales figure on record.

The highest monthly figure was achieved in August with 10025, Chevrolet Celtas sold. Chevrolet Celta sales during the month of August represent 31. 2% of all GM do Brasil retail sales. Almost 80% of the 10025, Chevrolet Celtas sold last August, were acquired via celta. com.

When the Chevrolet Celta was launched in September of 2000, GM do Brasil prepared to break ground in many areas of the enterprise. From the vehicle's layout and co-development in conjunction with supplier partners who joined GM at the totally new Gravatai Auto Complex, to the first high-volume Internet sales model to be implemented in the auto world - each key element of the Chevrolet Celta's release entailed aggressive innovation tailored to reach unprecedented levels of buyer satisfaction.

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