Chevrolet Lumina dimensions

Latest model: Chevrolet Lumina SS (2008)
Length: 200.9 (in) = 5102 (mm)
Width: 71.9 (in) = 1826 (mm)
Height: 55.2 (in) = 1402 (mm)

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Chevrolet Lumina details:

Leading UAE based magazine and one of the world's most established and authoritative motoring titles, VEHICLE Middle East, has called the Chevrolet Lumina SS as Best Sports Saloon for 2007. The 'car of the Year (COTY)' awards were launched at the 9th Middle East International Motor Show.

According to Shahzad Sheikh, Editor of VEHICLE Middle East, The Chevrolet Lumina SS has a 6. 0-litre V8 Corvette motor under the bonnet. Need I say more? This all new-car from 'down under' is a futuristic reinterpretation of the cult Chevrolet Lumina SS. No other vehicle provides this level of practicality, performance, and potential tail-sliding fun for the money.

This is the first time the influential Middle East edition of VEHICLE magazine has introduced awards in the region and Sheikh added that: 'the Chevrolet Lumina SS edged ahead of some fierce competition to deservedly take the ultimate sports saloon award and perfectly demonstrates Gm's renewed commitment to giving us the vehicles we really want to drive. Well done! A jury of six regional auto reviewers carefully picked the winners from 125 vehicles in total judging on class, innovation, engineering, style and relevance to the Middle East sphere to crown the winners.

Chevrolet Lumina coloring