Chevrolet Spark dimensions

Latest model: Chevrolet Spark hatchback (2010)
Length: 143.3 (in) = 3640 (mm)
Width: 62.9 (in) = 1597 (mm)
Height: 61.1 (in) = 1552 (mm)

Compare Chevrolet Spark dimensions to: Kia Picanto, Daewoo Matiz

Chevrolet Spark details:

Chevrolet, subsidy of General Motors, has sparked the hatchback segment in India with its charismatic Spark. The company better known as Chevy has introduced its Spark which is specially build keeping in mind the Indian road conditions. The gorgeous looking Chevrolet Spark invited attention with its smart and stylish compact body. The competition for this new baby is not a cup of tea with more established brands like Hyundai, Tata and Maruti already breaking the barriers of success with their efficient cars. Given the fact that Chevrolet is relatively new in the Indian auto market, the trust factor could avoid buyers of the thinking ‘There is always risk in going for new brands’.

Never the less, Chevrolet is slowly nudging in with its wide range of cars which have now proved that they can go head on with any of its competitors. The all new Chevrolet Spark is a charming hatchback with elegant and sturdy body style that gives it an edge over its rivals. Spark is somewhat similar to the forgotten Daewoo Matiz with redefined exteriors, interiors and powerful engine.

Chevrolet Spark coloring