Chrysler Delta dimensions

Latest model: Chrysler Delta hatchback (2011)
Length: 178 (in) = 4520 (mm)
Width: 70.7 (in) = 1797 (mm)
Height: 58.9 (in) = 1497 (mm)

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Chrysler Delta details:

The Chrysler Delta is not a new vehicle it's been around since 2008 as a Lancia but it's new to the UK, and is only able to be here because Chrysler has come under the ownership of Fiat. Lancia has no dealers in the UK, but Chrysler has, so with some suitable grille- and badge-swapping the Chrysler Delta can be made available for right-hand-drive markets. It is, shall we say, a vehicle that will polarise opinions. Some people think it oozes modern style. Others take a diametrically opposite view.

If you want just one reason to buy a Chrysler Delta, room would be it. In most versions the back seatings slide backwards and forwards and recline by up to 25 degrees, so you can juggle passenger and boot room to suit the needs of the moment. With the back seatings as far rear as they will go there's space for basketball players to sprawl. Alternatively, you can fold the back seatings to expand the trunk deck, although that leaves a step in the middle. There's some cargo room under the boot floor, but not much inside the cab.

Exclusivity and luxury are the things Chrysler is relying on to set the Chrysler Delta apart from the Volkswagen Golf, Vauxhall Astra, Ford Focus and Nissan Qashqai. There's a generous level of equipment even on the base S model, though this does mean a high starting price tag for the range. SE is the best-balanced spec, while Limited is exactly what it suggests provided only with the 2. 0-litre diesel.

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