Chrysler Ypsilon dimensions

Latest model: Chrysler Ypsilon hatchback (2011)
Length: 151.3 (in) = 3842 (mm)
Width: 66 (in) = 1676 (mm)
Height: 59.8 (in) = 1520 (mm)

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Chrysler Ypsilon details:

We'll let you into a secret the Chrysler Ypsilon isn't really a Chrysler, but a Lancia. If you've been on holiday to Italy recently, you'll have seen it running around everywhere. Both Lancia and Chrysler are now wholly or partially owned by Fiat. Because Lancias aren't sold in some hight-priority markets, like the UK and America, Fiat is introducing the Chrysler Ypsilon to them as a Chrysler. It's a boldly styled small vehicle, and is even available with two-tone paint finishes in case you don't think it's already noticeable enough.

The Chrysler Ypsilon is based on the platform of the cutesy Fiat 500, but slightly stretched so that's it's around 30cm longer overall. Not that this makes much difference to rear-seat room. Knee space is tight and headroom is not much better because of the way the sides curve inwards towards the top of the doors. The Chrysler Ypsilon S has only two back seatings while SE and Limited models have three. There's a good, rectangular boot which can be enlarged by folding the back seatings, but they leave a large step in the floor.

Let's forget the sole S-spec model, which is the equivalent of a supermarket's loss leaders something to get you in the shop so the sales staff can try to sell you a more expensive alternative. SE and Limited are much better equipped, though quite expensive and still lacking stability control. It's things like this which undermine the Chrysler Ypsilon's claims to be a luxury small vehicle.

Chrysler Ypsilon coloring