Citroen C1 dimensions

Latest model: Citroen C1 hatchback (2005)
Length: 135 (in) = 3430 (mm)
Width: 64.2 (in) = 1630 (mm)
Height: 57.5 (in) = 1460 (mm)

Compare Citroen C1 dimensions to: Peugeot 107

Citroen C1 details:

The Citroen C1 isn't as appealing as its cousin, the Toyota Aygo, but it’s better than the Peugeot 107 and gets full marks for sheer cheekiness. The bulbous front allowed us to sneak into tiny gaps in traffic out of bounds to more masculine vehicles. The Citroen C1's back gives away its budget credentials more, with a low-cost one-piece glass tailgate dominating the proceedings. Unusually, alloy wheels weren't fitted and don't even appear on the features list, but don't forget the Citroen C1 is more likely to be used as an urban tool rather than a fashion accessory.

There's a lot of of cargo room around the cab, with pockets in the doors, centre control panel and under the dash. These spaces are open to view, meaning you can't tuck valuables out of sight. The Citroen C1 isn't tremendous in the rear, but most owners are only going to need them to ferry the kids to school, and the occasional bit of shopping. Adults would find them uncomfortable for more than a short run. The boot's tiny too, with just 139 litres of room under the parcel shelf. Folding the seatings increases the room to an cool 751 litres.

If you're expecting sat-nav and massaging seatings, forget it. This is a affordable vehicle, so you'll only get the basics. The entry-level Vibe model even lacks a rev counter, while a back windscreen wiper and heating system is proudly listed on the Citroen C1's list of features. Alloy wheels? Forget it. Having explained that, a CD player with a socket for your MP3 player is traditional on all models.

Citroen C1 coloring