Citroen C2 dimensions

Latest model: Citroen C2 (2009)
Length: 144.1 (in) = 3660 (mm)
Width: 65.4 (in) = 1660 (mm)
Height: 57.5 (in) = 1460 (mm)

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Citroen C2 details:

Citroen is giving new emphasis and muscle to the thoroughbred lines of the Citroen C2, which has sold in more than 480000, units across Europe since its release in 2003.

The front end gains several changes, developed to highlight the dynamic and elegant look lines that have contributed to the Citroen C2's success. Changes include a more imposing bumper and a new radiator grille with wider and bigger chevrons.

From May 2008, depending on the country, the Citroen C2 diesel range is available with the 110 bhp Hdi motor and particulate filter. Allied with a well balanced chassis setting remarkable standards in dynamic behaviour, this comprehensive but frugal motor consumes just 4. 4 l/100 km for CO2 emissions of no more than 119 g/km. As a result, the Citroen C2 Hdi 110 DPFS carries the Airdream label identifying Citroen's most ecological models.

Citroen C2 coloring