Citroen DS5 dimensions

Latest model: Citroen DS5 (2012)
Length: 178.3 (in) = 4530 (mm)
Width: 83.8 (in) = 2128 (mm)
Height: 59.6 (in) = 1513 (mm)

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Citroen DS5 details:

Building on 90 years of innovation, the Citroen make has extended its offering provide and designed a new line to stand alongside its main range: the DS line. Today comprising the Citroen DS3 and DS4, the DS line targets buyers looking for radical and assertive vehicles and seeking a resolutely modern approach to luxury offers.

The Citroen DS5, set for release in late 2011, is a new phase in the development of the DS line. The high-tech and visionary model fits perfectly with the brand's Créative Technologie baseline and features even bolder choices in style, architecture, sensations and refinement. The Citroen DS5 experience is about fully embracing the pleasure of driving an impressive car. A singular creation, the Citroen DS5 surprises and appeals with:its styling: boasting an audacious body and inspired style, the Citroen DS5 is an aerodynamic sculpture that expresses the finest in Citroen expertise. It features authentic materials including club leather and aluminium, together with original upholstery such as the watchstrap seatings that embody the finest in French-style luxury. Extraordinary, bewitching and appealing, the Citroen DS5 appeals, naturally. the intelligence of its design: the Citroen DS5 is an extraordinary car that proposes a new take on the luxury segment while combining compact body dimensions with a roomy dashboard. It goes beyond conventional compromises between aesthetics and user features, marrying driving pleasure with shared well-being. its technologies: it also features the finest Citroen technology, including intelligent traction control, a second-generation lane departure warning system, automatic activation of the high-beam function depending on surrounding traffic, head-up screen in colour on a blade, and a reverse parking camera. The Citroen DS5 will also be the brand's first model available with Hybrid4 full-hybrid diesel technology, combining strong performance (200 bhp, four drive wheels) and all-new driving sensations (electric performance in the city, acceleration boost in Sport mode) for CO2 emissions of just 99 g/km. its road performance: like the Citroen DS3 and DS4, the Citroen DS5 provides a dynamic yet serene drive in all circumstances. The car's original road feel gives drivers the feeling that the wheels are at their fingertips. its spirit: with its strong emotional content, the Citroen DS5 invites passengers to take part in an amazing onboard experience, with a cockpit-inspired driver's station where dream and reality meet.

The DS line, comprising the DS3, DS4 and Citroen DS5, is manufactured in France and sold internationally. The Citroen DS5 will be launched in Russia, Latin America and China in 2012.

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