Daihatsu Copen dimensions

Latest model: Daihatsu Copen (2007)
Length: 133.7 (in) = 3396 (mm)
Width: 58.1 (in) = 1476 (mm)
Height: 49 (in) = 1245 (mm)

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Daihatsu Copen details:

Cute and timeless Daihatsu Copen sports vehicle has become considerably more desirable with a punchy yet more frugal new 1. 3 litre motor, higher gearing to improve refinement and a sharp new price tag of only £10995, on-the-road.

This is a full £2500, less than the original model presented for the '04 model year which quickly attracted an enthusiastic fan club seduced by its cute, timeless looks, effortless electric metal folding roof and nimble handling.

Originally conceived for the Japanese Kei-car sphere only, the Uk's importer, Daihatsu Car Distributors Limited, persuaded the factory to re-engineer the tiny 660 cc turbo petrol motor to comply with European Whole Car Type Approval.

Daihatsu Copen coloring