Dodge Caliber dimensions

Latest model: Dodge Caliber (2010)
Length: 173.8 (in) = 4415 (mm)
Width: 70.9 (in) = 1800 (mm)
Height: 60.4 (in) = 1535 (mm)

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Dodge Caliber details:

Dodge Caliber redefines compact cars, which combines revolutionary design, efficient use of interior space, transformable interior, innovative features and affordable price. Caliber allows its owner to be active, do more and stand out among others. Dodge Caliber's appearance turned out muscular, bright and zaponimayuscheysya. Clear forms, log line of the body, embossed sides, massive bumpers, narrow windows attract attention and indicate to you that the representative of the brand Dodge: confident, powerful, with extensive capabilities and agile in city streets.

Grille with intersecting vertical and horizontal bars, not only gives the front of the car an athletic look, but has long been a hallmark of the company. Black decorative elements, which stretch along the entire length of the roof, combined with an integrated rear spoiler on the roof, making the Dodge Caliber profile similar to the coupe. A new, unique relationship between the surface and the glazing of the body helps to create feelings of strength and security, and more attached to the profile Caliber sporty look.

Car openly aggressive not only in appearance. Designed for sales in the global market, Dodge Caliber is equipped with modern engines and transmissions, through which the car has a towing speed characteristics, fuel efficiency, noise and vibration World-class, regardless of road conditions. Dodge Caliber is designed for those who want a modern car, equipped with brand new engines that provide excellent fuel economy and excellent traction and performance characteristics, and also has high reliability and attractive price.

Dodge Caliber coloring