Dodge Charger dimensions

Latest model: Dodge Charger (2010)
Length: 199.9 (in) = 5077 (mm)
Width: 75 (in) = 1905 (mm)
Height: 58.4 (in) = 1483 (mm)

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Dodge Charger details:

Streamlined and aerodynamic exterior design inspired by the Dodge Charger of the second generation cars produced in the 60s of last century. Grille and the entire front part of the model is attacking. In the "muscular" profile - a tribute to the traditions of sports cars, the designers took into account the aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle. Modern streamlined body Dodge Charger with a low hood line, rapid profile windshield, rear glass tilted dramatically, "dense" wheel arches, lower thresholds and racing spoiler is the result of countless hours of testing.

In the Dodge Charger installed infotainment system Uconnect Touch with touch screen, providing passengers with constant communication, comfort and safety. By increasing the strength of the body structure, the designers have taken care Dodge Charger and the acoustics of the cabin, isolating the noise from the transmission, the counter flow of air and road. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with multi-layer side and windscreen glass, reducing the noise in the cabin. All body cavity filled with noise-isolating Dodge Charger foam, doors have a triple seal, and the wheel arches are covered with special sound-absorbing materials that prevent the penetration of road noise into the cabin.

RWD Dodge Charger platform is equipped with upgraded suspension with revised geometry, giving balance and accuracy. Dodge Charger model year has more than 65 safety devices, including members of the basic equipment of the system of non-contact access to the salon Keyless Enter-N-Go, a system of dynamic stabilization with exclusive features Ready-alert Braking and Rainy Day Brake Support, improving the car's handling as road, and outside it.

Dodge Charger coloring