Dodge Journey dimensions

Latest model: Dodge Journey (2010)
Length: 192.4 (in) = 4886 (mm)
Width: 72.2 (in) = 1833 (mm)
Height: 66.6 (in) = 1691 (mm)

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Dodge Journey details:

Dodge Journey - a real American car. The impressive appearance, a huge living area, which can easily be converted into a bedroom, and the obligatory presence of six-cylinder engine. Despite the large size of the Journey is built on a platform of a compact crossover Caliber.

The interior of the Dodge Journey at the richness of finishing and equipping said at all about this car is utilitarian. Leather upholstery high quality, chrome inserts, three-zone climate control, multimedia system Uconnect, multifunction steering wheel with the keys on the front and even the back side - all this is evident at once. Driver's seat with electric lift and a very high combined with adjustable steering in two planes and a spacious cabin can comfortably sit a man of any height and build.

In the U.S. market Dodge Journey offered with a 3.6-liter petrol engine family shestistitsilindrovym Pentastar, develops a 283 horsepower and a six-speed automatic transmission. Also, Dodge engineers reconfigured suspension and steering minivan, set tires and other improved shumoizolyatsiyu.Proizvodstvo Dodge Journey established a factory in Mexico, Chrysler Group.

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