Dodge Nitro dimensions

Latest model: Dodge Nitro (2007)
Length: 180.5 (in) = 4584 (mm)
Width: 73.1 (in) = 1856 (mm)
Height: 69.8 (in) = 1773 (mm)

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Dodge Nitro details:

Dodge Nitro SUV burst into a segment of the middle class like a rocket! This car was created adventurers, its provocative design raises his iron heart yearns for adventure! Should I be the same when you can stand out and become a leader? Dodge Nitro on the hood as a symbol of rebellion, the emblem is branded Dodge. His cross-recognizable grille, powerful posture and chiseled lines, it stands out from the competition as a builder of ordinary athletes.

Inside, Dodge Nitro is spacious, it conveniently puts the driver and four passengers. The interior is modern, simple, functional and different kind of style. The front seats are well-developed lateral support for comfort and safety. All signal and information garland lights reflected on the bottom of the three wells, which form the dashboard. Data on the current state of the vehicle are read without difficulty. Yes, and visibility due to high landing, excellent. The scales are designed with black, gray and white, and orange arrows shades create a feeling of perception of the accuracy of readings. Dodge Nitro has excellent driving characteristics and low fuel consumption, as well as equipment, providing a competitive level of safety and comfort.

Dodge Nitro coloring