Dodge Viper dimensions

Latest model: Dodge Viper Coupe (2010)
Length: 175.7 (in) = 4463 (mm)
Width: 75.2 (in) = 1910 (mm)
Height: 48.6 (in) = 1234 (mm)

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Dodge Viper details:

The design of the Dodge Viper uses unusual materials that would be suitable for the modern action movie filming. Thus, the front and rear bumpers and fenders are made of lightweight composite material (RIM). The supports of the wings are made of carbon fiber, so they are durable and low mass. The most noticeable decrease in weight Dodge Viper - 15.4 kg - achieved through the front panel, a single piece made of magnesium alloy. A pillar of this panel, made of the same technology provides greater rigidity in torsion without the use of steel elements - the first time in automotive history.

All indications Dodge Viper is centered around the driver. Feature - the central location of the tachometer, the metal surface. Viper - a very special style, and outside, and vnutri.Knopka starter in the Dodge Viper, which was first introduced to the concept model in 2000, is now reminiscent of old sports cars Dodge Viper vremen.Tsentralnaya console located along the length of the cabin. Equipped with built-in armrest compartment for things that should always be at hand. Low center of gravity provides excellent handling Dodge Viper, and the braking system has been tested many times and totally secure.

Dodge Viper coloring