Ferrari 360 dimensions

Latest model: Ferrari 360 Challenge (2004)
Length: 176.3 (in) = 4478 (mm)
Width: 102.3 (in) = 2598 (mm)
Height: 47.7 (in) = 1212 (mm)

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Ferrari 360 details:

At the 2003 Geneva Auto Show, Ferrari released an upgrade package for their 360 Modena. Since that time, the Challenge Stradale option has been a must for customers buying a 360 late in the production line.

So what does the extra $46 000 USD bring to the table? It is first necessary to take a look at the exceptional automobile upon which this car is based. Having an all-aluminum monocoque and a flat-plane V8 whipping out 395 bhp, the 360 Modena has raised Ferrari's standards from the preceding F355 that came before it. With these elements, and Pininfarina's timeless styling, it was foolishly easy to call the 360 the perfect sports car. And many publications did just that.

Like the dual purpose road / race Ferraris of the sixties, the 360 has benefited from diverse motor sport programs. Considering that 300 examples have been racing in a Challenge program since 2001, and Ferrari's factory GT Endurance model debuted late the same year, the series has been benefiting from hours of track time. These cars have motivated Ferrari to offer their developments in the road-going 360 Challenge Stradale.

Ferrari 360 coloring