Fiat Idea dimensions

Latest model: Fiat Idea (2011)
Length: 154.7 (in) = 3930 (mm)
Width: 66.9 (in) = 1698 (mm)
Height: 65.4 (in) = 1660 (mm)

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Fiat Idea details:

The successful Fiat Idea gains novelties of importance to become even more competitive. Among them, new look layout, new E. Torq engines, an revised range of versions and more technology.

Fiat Idea's new layout, designed in Brazil by the Centro Estilo Fiat [fiat Style Center] for Latin America, gives the model a more sophisticated tone, with matching lines and with well defined planes limited by grooves. At the back, new LED tail lights - Fiat Idea is the first national automobile to provide this technology. They accentuate the model's strong identity, endowing it a original exterior.

The new Fiat Idea's dashboard provides even more driving convenience, first class finish and generous and very well-used room. With flat rear floor and three seatings defined with headrests, it transports five people comfortably.

Fiat Idea coloring