Fiat Qubo dimensions

Latest model: Fiat Qubo (2012)
Length: 155.9 (in) = 3959 (mm)
Width: 67.6 (in) = 1716 (mm)
Height: 68.3 (in) = 1735 (mm)

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Fiat Qubo details:

Fiat Qubo fits in anywhere close to the city and great feel in a suburban town elite as "a vehicle for business." To work it needs just something the 75-strong diesel engine of 1.3 liters. To reduce fuel consumption and ease of driving in urban use on Qubo put 6-speed robotic Dual Logic.

Fiat Kubo - it is not so very small kuboobrazny van on wheels, as a very versatile, roomy (for its modest size, of course) and quite a comfortable family car. It is difficult to name just a worker and for the reason that he has a full interior of a normal car, which is very nice features. Here there is a system of "free hand" to you and as a consequence, for your cell phone, audio system with steering wheel controls, trip computer and a USB port for connecting external devices.

Versatility Fiat Fiorino Qubo is primarily in adaptability of the car body under any form and shape of cargo - from hefty passengers to bikes and snowboards. For the first seat in the cabin are, but for all the seats of cargo, up to the front passenger can be removed, leaving the interior space for items up to 2.5 meters. Record the result, which is surprising, considering that he was not great Qubo - 3959 mm. In this case the car in front of the hood hanging from the bumper of the truck, which occupies almost one-third the length of the car.

Fiat Fiorino Cubo is indispensable for a small family business, where the importance and quality of the piece goods prevails over the volume of deliveries.

Fiat Qubo coloring