Fisker Tramonto dimensions

Latest model: Fisker Tramonto (2006)
Length: 188.7 (in) = 4793 (mm)
Width: 74.6 (in) = 1895 (mm)
Height: 53.9 (in) = 1369 (mm)

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Fisker Tramonto details:

Together, Henrik Fisker and Bernhard Koehler are building on one of the world's greatest handcrafted experiences in vehicle layout - coachbuilding. They are crafting a line of automobiles that will redefine auto performance, elegance and exclusive luxury.

Earlier this year, Fisker and Koehler recruited a small group of international investors to bring the FISKER COACHBUILD experience to life. A workshop was rented…a handful of craftsmen hired. and production of the FISKER TRAMONTO and LATIGO CS turned from dream to reality.

The FISKER COACHBUILD 2006 TRAMONTO is a sculpted statement of exotic, two-seat, open-air motoring. Beneath the skin, the engineering excellence of what its base architecture once was - a Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG - remains. The myriad array of Mercedes-Benz's finest technological innovations, from the power-retractable hardtop to Active Body Control (ABC), remain untouched - as do security systems, including crumple zones and airbags. At the same time, the TRAMONTO has become something much more, and the differences go beyond what meets the eye.

Fisker Tramonto coloring