Ford E-Series dimensions

Latest model: Ford E-Series (2008)
Length: 211.9 (in) = 5382 (mm)
Width: 79.3 (in) = 2014 (mm)
Height: 80.9 (in) = 2055 (mm)

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Ford E-Series details:

The new 2008 Ford E-series commercial van - America's best selling trunk vans, cutaways and passenger wagons - gets a major makeover inspired by the new F-series Super Duty's bold new front-end layout to communicate a list of chassis and suspension upgrades that increase capability and enhance ride and handling. Security and safety is also enhanced with the addition of available traction control and features such as the advanced E-guard Trunk Protection System, a segment exclusive, for added door-lock safety.

Ford trucks are the trucks that America takes to work. In 2006, Ford posted a 40 percent share of the total commercial car sphere for class 2 to class 7 trucks, up 1 whole percentage point from 2005. That means that nearly half of all of the commercial and fleet cars sold, from F-150 pickups to F-750 chassis cabs, wear the blue Ford oval.

Ford is the undisputed commercial car leader and growing, explained Joe Castelli, director, Ford commercial truck marketing. We own 40 percent of the commercial car sphere and nearly 500000, new commercial cars on the way this year alone.

Ford E-Series coloring