Ford Econoline dimensions

Latest model: Ford Econoline Cargo Van (2012)
Length: 216.7 (in) = 5504 (mm)
Width: 82.1 (in) = 2085 (mm)
Height: 79.4 (in) = 2017 (mm)

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Ford Econoline details:

The last time the Ford Econoline passenger van or E-Series Wagon underwent a full redesign, George Bush was president. No, not W, but the original "no new taxes" edition. But there's more to the Econoline's staying power than Ford simply sticking with a product that has been the top-selling full-size van since 1980 (although that certainly has something to do with it). For up-fitters, or those who turn E-Series vans into commercial vehicles, any change to the Econoline's basic structure and dimensions means they also have to change the dimensions and tooling of their customizations.

However, in its unmodified form as a high-capacity passenger van, the Ford Econoline is showing its old age. It has received only minor changes over the years, the most significant of which occurred for 1997 (engine and interior updates) and for 2008 when it received a radical new grille along with steering, brake and suspension improvements. Yet the basic vehicle and its passenger comfort have remained virtually unchanged. As such, other full-size vans can outclass the Econoline in terms of versatility and ride and handling dynamics. But considering Ford's lower price and respectable reputation for reliability, it's a very comfortable choice for a full-size passenger van.

The Econoline passenger van is available in three basic models: the eight-passenger E-150, the 12-passenger E-350 Super Duty and the 15-passenger E-350 Super Duty Extended. Each of these vans is offered in XL and XLT trim, with the E-150 also available in a high-end Chateau trim. The base XL is just that, with vinyl upholstery, air-conditioning and an AM/FM radio as its notable standard features. The upper trim levels come better equipped and options are plentiful. The standard passenger-side rear opening is a pair of barn-style swinging doors, but a single, minivan-type sliding unit is a no-cost option. Unlike on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, dual sliding doors are not available.

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