Ford Excursion dimensions

Latest model: Ford Excursion Diesel (2005)
Length: 226.4 (in) = 5751 (mm)
Width: 79.9 (in) = 2029 (mm)
Height: 77.4 (in) = 1966 (mm)

Compare Ford Excursion dimensions to: Chevrolet Suburban, Ford Expedition

Ford Excursion details:

Unless you really need the Ford Excursion's towing ability and tremendous dashboard, you're better off with the smaller Expedition or Gm's Suburban/yukon XL twins. Ford Excursion Diesel offers the following pros: Substantial passenger and trunk capacity, cool towing ability, diesel motor feature. Ford Excursion Diesel drawbacks are: Unwieldy size, trucklike driving characteristics, poor fuel efficiency, high sticker price tag.
Ford Excursion coloring