Ford Kuga dimensions

Latest model: Ford Kuga 4×4 (2008)
Length: 174.9 (in) = 4443 (mm)
Width: 83.8 (in) = 2128 (mm)
Height: 66 (in) = 1677 (mm)

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Ford Kuga details:

The Ford Kuga is a compact, stylish 4×4 which stands up to comparison with more expensive 4×4s. The face is familiar as it’s based on the ‘kinetic design’ look-and-feel which has informed the exterior of the latest versions of much of the Ford range including the new Ford Focus and Ford Mondeo, with two grilles tapering towards every other at the front. The bonnet is sculpted to improve the bold nose while a very high waistband rises to finish above the back light clusters which sit either side of the neat hatch-style rear.

The hatch boot can be fully openend to create a full-sized opening or accessed via an space little bigger than the back windscreen. We found this a useful option, enabling owners to access luggage when little room is available behind the vehicle. One neat extra was the addition of a 230v performance converter between the front seatings handy for powering up a laptop and other in vehicle entertainment. Cargo is well-thought-out and 360 litres of regular luggage room in the boot can be increased to 1355, in two-seat mode.

The Ford Kuga comes in either Zetec or Titanium trim. Zetec features 17-inch alloys, body-coloured back spoiler, air-con and six-speaker Cd/radio. The top of the range Titanium adds tinted glass, cruise control, automatic headlights and windscreen wipers, partial leather trim with leather gear knob, Sony audio and dual temperature control. The useful performance converter so you can performance electronic devices in transit is a £75 extra. The Titanium X Pack

Ford Kuga coloring