Ford Taurus dimensions

Latest model: Ford Taurus SHO (2012)
Length: 202.9 (in) = 5153 (mm)
Width: 76.2 (in) = 1935 (mm)
Height: 60.7 (in) = 1541 (mm)

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Ford Taurus details:

With its convenient dashboard and big cargo, the 2012 Ford Taurus is an attractive reinvention of the classic full-size American sedan. Ford Taurus SHO offers the following pros: Long list of traditional features and cutting-edge options; handsome and quiet cabin; humongous trunk; convenient ride; available all-wheel drive. Ford Taurus SHO drawbacks are: Cab can feel confining; mediocre braking distances; deep-set gauges can be hard to read; SHO model's steep price.
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