Honda FCX dimensions

Latest model: Honda FCX (2008)
Length: 190.4 (in) = 4835 (mm)
Width: 72.7 (in) = 1846 (mm)
Height: 57.8 (in) = 1468 (mm)

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Honda FCX details:

In November 2007, Honda unveiled the FCX Clarity advanced fuel cell electric vehicle featuring a fuel cell stack that was lighter, more compact and more powerful than ever before. With exceptional output of 100 kW, the stack featured a 50 percent increase in output density by volume and 67 percent by mass. As compared to its predecessor the FCX, the FCX Clarity offered 20 percent higher fuel economy and a 30 percent greater vehicle range.*

The FCX Clarity was the world's first vehicle to feature Honda's original plant-based Honda Bio-Fabric in its interior. The FCX Clarity also offered climate-controlled seats, which can warm and cool the occupant directly, helping to reduce the overall amount of electricity used for heating and cooling. Honda began leasing the FCX Clarity to individual customers in the United States in July 2008, and in Japan in November 2008.

In January 2011 in Japan, 13 companies, including Honda, other automakers and hydrogen supply companies, announced their plan to work together to realize the wide-scale introduction of fuel cell electric vehicles and necessary hydrogen infrastructure in Japan in 2015. Through this initiative and many others, Honda is proactively working to accelerate the adoption of next-generation automobiles, which can help realize the low-carbon society of the future.

Honda FCX coloring