Honda Legend dimensions

Latest model: Honda Legend (2009)
Length: 195.1 (in) = 4955 (mm)
Width: 72.6 (in) = 1845 (mm)
Height: 57.1 (in) = 1450 (mm)

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Honda Legend details:

At the 2008 Moscow motor show, Honda has revealed the exterior of the re-styled Honda Legend to Europe. This updated model gives a new edge to the top of the range Honda and responds to buyer feedback on the current model. The most noticeable change is to the look style of the Honda Legend, with new lights, bonnet, front wings, boot lid, bumpers and the adoption of traditional 18 wheels.

Under the restyled bonnet is one of the most comprehensive V6 engines in this sector, giving the performance of a V8 motor, while retaining the smoothness and fuel efficiency inherent to this design.

The new motor has an add-on 200cc that helps to give the new Honda Legend greater torque across the whole rev range. Complementing this increase in capacity the 3. 7 litre V6 has VTEC added to the exhaust valves, joining the system already fitted on the inlet side. These realised a 20% increase in torque in the mid-range. The result is an enhancement to the feeling of performance, as well as the enhanced acceleration.

Honda Legend coloring