Honda S2000 dimensions

Latest model: Honda S2000 CR (2009)
Length: 162.8 (in) = 4135 (mm)
Width: 68.9 (in) = 1750 (mm)
Height: 50 (in) = 1270 (mm)

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Honda S2000 details:

The 2009 Honda S2000 is a compact two-seat roadster that is available in two versions -- base and CR. The base Honda S2000 contains a performance convertible soft top with a glass back window, 17-inch alloy wheels, xenon headlights, leather upholstery, full performance accessories, air-conditioning and a CD player. There are no significant factory features for the Honda S2000, but a number of dealer-sourced accessories, including a removable hardtop, are available.

The CR model is a racetrack-focused variant aimed at die-hard enthusiasts. Air-conditioning and the audio system have been removed to reduce weight, though they can be added rear as features. Other casualties of the Cr's diet include audio insulation and the performance soft top, the latter being replaced by the removable aluminum hardtop. The CR also deserves some unsightly but effective aerodynamic spoilers, dark gray wheels with wider back tires, even sportier suspension tuning, a quicker steering ratio, a sport-tuned muffler and material seatings with suede inserts. Add it all up and the topless CR is 99 pounds lighter than the traditional Honda S2000 (51 pounds lighter with the hardtop installed). Some of the base model's features are also available on the CR. .

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