Hummer H1 dimensions

Latest model: HUMMER H1 Alpha SUV (2006)
Length: 184.5 (in) = 4686 (mm)
Width: 86.5 (in) = 2197 (mm)
Height: 79 (in) = 2007 (mm)

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Hummer H1 details:

The Hummer H1 Alpha is a four-passenger SUV available in two body styles: a 4-door open top or a 4-door wagon. Traditional equipment for the one available trim level contains items like performance windows, keyless entry, heated look mirrors, leather seatings, cruise control, climate control and a Six-cd stereo system. A central tire-inflation system, which utilizes an onboard air compressor, enables the driver to adjust tire pressure via cockpit controls. Traditional wheel size is 17 inches with run-flat tires; two-piece 17-inch aluminum wheels with dual bead locks are auxillary, as are special Goodyear Wrangler MT/R tires. There is also an Off-road Adventure suite that contains front and back Eaton E-locker differential locks, a 12000-pound, winch and 17-inch, two-piece wheels. .
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