Hummer H3 dimensions

Latest model: HUMMER H3 SUV (2010)
Length: 188.1 (in) = 4778 (mm)
Width: 85.6 (in) = 2174 (mm)
Height: 73 (in) = 1854 (mm)

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Hummer H3 details:

If buff, Tonka Truck-inspired look-and-feel and incredible off-road ability are your two top priorities in your next car, the 2010 Hummer H3 is tough to beat. The other 95 percent of you, however, will likely be turned off by the poor fuel efficiency, poor outward visibility and relative lack of utility provided by this SUV. Hummer H3 SUV offers the following pros: Capable off-road performer, smooth ride on pavement, straightforward cab design, convenient seats. Hummer H3 SUV drawbacks are: Lackluster five-cylinder performance, poor outward visibility, tight on trunk room and back headroom, lousy fuel efficiency, unknown future of the Hummer make.
Hummer H3 coloring