Hyundai Atos dimensions

Latest model: Hyundai Atos Prime (2004)
Length: 137.6 (in) = 3495 (mm)
Width: 58.9 (in) = 1496 (mm)
Height: 62.2 (in) = 1580 (mm)

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Hyundai Atos details:

The Hyundai Atos of the first generation was produced since 1997 and sold starting from 1998 in Germany. It was a practical and relatively large Minivan version, which to a large extent the OPEL Agila followed.

The model, which starting from 1999 as Atos with Facelift under the name “Hyundai was marketed Atos Prime”, has a diagonal rear flap and is no longer as roomy as the original Atos (Minivan). This “folder” came also not from Hyundai, but of KIA, and under the name “Visto” is normally sold. Hyundai possesses the stock majority at KIA. Therefore the KIA Visto could be launched as stopgaps for the inquired original Atos and primarily only in Germany as a version of the Hyundai Atos.

The sales of the Atos (approx. 23 ' 000 sold units of Atos and Atos Prime in Germany within four years) in Europe became 2002 adjusted, there in this year its actual successor, that Hyundai Getz, on which European market one introduced. Since the latter however in all external dimensions had strongly added (length 3.82m; ) and thus another corresponds to an increase of 25cm Clientele addressed, inquired much prospective customer after a smaller, below the Getz positioned Kleinstwagen. Hyundai carried two years for this circumstance later (thus 2004) in form of the Atos of the third generation (see below) calculation.

Hyundai Atos coloring