Hyundai H-1 dimensions

Latest model: Hyundai H-1 Wagon (2010)
Length: 201.8 (in) = 5125 (mm)
Width: 75.6 (in) = 1920 (mm)
Height: 75.8 (in) = 1925 (mm)

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Hyundai H-1 details:

Hyundai H-1 (Khyunday H-1) is an universal car, miniven of enhanceable capaciousness, which can be used as a business-car for transportation of people and loads, as domestic miniven.

Hyundai H-1 is the best decision for transportation of greater amount of passengers due to a spacious salon. Eightlocal miniven is most space for business and leisure. He can be used for tourists, accomplishing sightseeing, for the movement of sportsmen or small sporting commands.

This car ideally befits for distant journeys on a route and very comfortable in a management and manoeuvring in city terms. Practical and elegant Khyunday H-1 befits for all roads. To ride on N-1 also comfort and comfortably, as well as on an ordinary passenger car.

Hyundai H-1 coloring