Hyundai Terracan dimensions

Latest model: Hyundai Terracan (2005)
Length: 185.4 (in) = 4710 (mm)
Width: 73.2 (in) = 1860 (mm)
Height: 70.5 (in) = 1790 (mm)

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Hyundai Terracan details:

Terracan first Korean vnedorozhnik in complete sense of this word. Because produced to him Galloper, had close family connection with Pajero, and Santa Fe behaves to the class of «parketnikov». And, finally, in 2001 Koreans present the serious jeep of strong frame construction.

A car got the interesting name of Terracan, which consists of two words (lat. «terra» is earth, and Turkish «Khan» is a tsar, ruler). When avtomobil' existed only in the grade of koncepta, he carried the name of Hyundai Highlander. In 2001 in Geneva a serial variant was presented journalists already under the name Terracan. With this name he and went out into a sale, but not everywhere, on some markets two models are offered is a «outage» of Terracan and more perfect and dear Terracan Highlander. Their difference — in the systems of complete drive.

At «simple» Terracan a drive is back with the hardly connected front bridge — a company names him EST (Electric Shift Transfer). Including a complete drive is possible from a driving place on speed to 80 km/chas, here twisting a moment distributed between axes in correlation 50:50.

Hyundai Terracan coloring