Hyundai ix35 dimensions

Latest model: Hyundai iX35 4×4 (2010)
Length: 173.6 (in) = 4410 (mm)
Width: 71.7 (in) = 1820 (mm)
Height: 65.4 (in) = 1660 (mm)

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Hyundai ix35 details:

Hyundai ix35 (Khyunday ix35) is a compact crossover, becoming successor Hyundai Tucson. Koncept of Hed-6 served a model prototype ix-onic, and version, ready to the production was officially presented in Frankfurt in September, 2009.

As compared to Tucson, ix35 added 85 mm in length (to 4410 mm), 25 in a width (to 1820), but became on 75 mm shorter (1655). Above the design of car the specialists of brandname center worked in German Ryussel'khayme, developing philosophy of Fluidic sculpture (streaming sculpture), in basis of which lay down desires to deliver the exterior of car from acute angles and give him a dynamics even then, when he stands in place.

The interior of ix35 also differs from what was possessed by Tuson. In Khyunday did him more modern and functional, equipping a crossover alongside ranee inaccessible functions: by besklyuchevym access in a salon, by the start of engine one pressure, by a management kruiz-control and audiosystem by the buttons on a helm, heating of back seat and area of screen-wipers, two-region climate-control, chamber of back kind, six pillows of safety and active underheads.

Hyundai ix35 coloring