Infiniti FX37 dimensions

Latest model: Infiniti FX37 (2009)
Length: 191.5 (in) = 4865 (mm)
Width: 75.8 (in) = 1925 (mm)
Height: 65 (in) = 1650 (mm)

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Infiniti FX37 details:

A genuine fusion of sports vehicle and SUV, the Infiniti Fx37's exciting look-and-feel - shared with the Infiniti FX50 - sets it apart from the crowd. Built on Infiniti's FM (front-midships) platform, the Infiniti FX37 blends sports vehicle proportions with the character of a 4x4. That means a long bonnet and wheelbase, short overhangs and a coupé-like roofline, with the stance and strength of an SUV.

The Infiniti FX37 is powered by the 3. 7-litre V6 petrol motor delivering 320PS at 7000, rpm and a healthy 360nm of torque (comparable figures for the V8 FX50 are 390PS and 500nm).

A member of the multi-award winning VQ motor family, the all-aluminium 24-valve twin cam unit features a bed-plate construction. A technique that has been used in motor racing for many years, the resulting two-part construction of the cylinder block is more rigid than a single piece casting.

Infiniti FX37 coloring