Infiniti I35 dimensions

Latest model: Infiniti I35 Sedan (2004)
Length: 193.7 (in) = 4920 (mm)
Width: 70.2 (in) = 1783 (mm)
Height: 57 (in) = 1448 (mm)

Compare Infiniti I35 dimensions to: Nissan Maxima, Infiniti G35

Infiniti I35 details:

Never much of a standout, the Infiniti I35 is an even harder sell next to the refactored Maxima that's bigger, more comprehensive and less expensive. Infiniti I35 Sedan offers the following pros: Impressive V6, pleasant highway ride, roomy cockpit, simple controls, strong reliability record. Infiniti I35 Sedan drawbacks are: A few cut-rate dashboard materials, superceded in performance and spaciousness by the lower-priced Maxima.
Infiniti I35 coloring