Isuzu Rodeo dimensions

Latest model: Isuzu Rodeo SUV (2004)
Length: 176.4 (in) = 4480 (mm)
Width: 66.5 (in) = 1690 (mm)
Height: 65.4 (in) = 1660 (mm)

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Isuzu Rodeo details:

An cool V6 motor makes its debut for 2004. Too bad it has to be in the under-achieving Isuzu Rodeo. Isuzu Rodeo SUV offers the following pros: Stylish look, comprehensive new V6, great powertrain warranty. Isuzu Rodeo SUV drawbacks are: Affordable dashboard pieces, flaccid suspension, uncomfortable front seatings, questionable create class.
Isuzu Rodeo coloring