Kia Carens dimensions

Latest model: Kia Carens MPV (1010)
Length: 178.9 (in) = 4545 (mm)
Width: 71.7 (in) = 1820 (mm)
Height: 65 (in) = 1650 (mm)

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Kia Carens details:

The updated Kia Carens is a clear step forward from its predecessor, replacing that model's boxiness with a sharper layout. There is evidence of a shared layout philosophy with other Kias: The front end shares a distinctive style with the Picanto. Towards the back of the vehicle the curves transform into smart creases and it looks a lot better even a little sporty. Chrome extras are traditional on all models except the base model and they give it a little more class than its bargain-basement competitors.

The Kia Carens' selling point is its seven seatings. The extra pair at the rear slide out with minimum fuss and easily stow away into the floor again. But they're only large enough for children much like any other vehicle in this class. In the other seatings leg and head space are decent and there are a lot of of cargo spaces and cup holders. With the centre and back seatings folded flat there's a voluminous 2106, litres of cargo room ready to swallow up anything you throw at it. With all seven seatings up you've still got 414 litres available.

The Kia Carens' equipment level is surprisingly good for the low price tag. All models option climate control, Mp3-compatible CD player, electric windows all round, electric mirrors and a lot of of internal lights. Our top-of-the range LS model added some worthwhile extras: conditioning, cruise control, trip computer and a back parking sensor although the latter was far too loud.

Kia Carens coloring