Lancia Delta dimensions

Latest model: Lancia Delta (2009)
Length: 178 (in) = 4520 (mm)
Width: 70.7 (in) = 1797 (mm)
Height: 59 (in) = 1499 (mm)

Compare Lancia Delta dimensions to: Ferrari 360, Subaru Impreza, Ford Escort

Lancia Delta details:

Delta is a historical name that introduces one of the pinnacles of Lancia's motoring history, but also a mathematical symbol that stands for change, progress. Lancia Delta is a universal measure of difference, a striving toward excellence by exceeding a previous limit. Our entire strategy is underpinned by a quest for an evolved form of the Lancia Delta.

So in this sense, the Lancia Delta is the first vehicle to represent the new Lancia philosophy. An original and original positioning, a blend of two values that are intrinsic to the brand: elegance of style and a bold, high-tech temperament that are also the inspiration of each marketing and communication campaign.

Today we welcome the first all-new vehicle from Lancia's second centenary, the Lancia Delta, with its unparalleled layout, true to the brand's high-tech vocation. thanks to its offering features and international development work to support the release planned for mid-2008, the Lancia Delta introduces a turning point in Lancia's history and contributes significantly to the development of a strategic plan.

Lancia Delta coloring