Lancia Fulvia dimensions

Latest model: Lancia Fulvia (2003)
Length: 154.5 (in) = 3925 (mm)
Width: 65.6 (in) = 1665 (mm)
Height: 52.5 (in) = 1334 (mm)

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Lancia Fulvia details:

The size and architecture of three volumes of the Fulvia Coupé are practically identical to those of its predecessor but with a wider track to give more stability and greater strength to the car. The general layout is reminiscent of classic Riva motorboat, a truncated tail by an extremely dynamic and a forward slash. The most distinctive stylist motif, ie, the band continued to "iron horse" that spanned the entire body with an "incumbent effect" on the tail has been reworked to give the car a more dynamic and a tapering shape. The point of maximum tension is on the front wheel, which is also concentrated around the visual weight of the tension and stress to the engine front, with an end result that expresses the feeling of "pull" the entire car. Although the trend "drop" of the plant, with the maximum width at the front and a tendency to taper toward the truncated tail, also contributes to this effect. Completing the treatment volume, a long hood, a green-house of a particular size and mass distribution.

The aggressive-looking front, it features a broad, rounded bonnet and headlights made from high-tech modules and a "lid" from the airfoil, which visually extends the profile of the casing below the lights.

The burnished metal grille, on which stands the great Lancia shield has a sporty, three-dimensional, deliberately de-constructed and simplified compared to that of the "sisters" less aggressive, to emphasize the function of intake air and create a relationship between solid elements of the front, more in tune with that of the previous model.

This is complemented by lines that flow from the bonnet to the bumpers and "gather" around the lower mouth, where four-cylinder square "floating" citing four vents on the model of the year

Lancia Fulvia coloring