Lancia Lybra dimensions

Latest model: Lancia Lybra Intensa (2002)
Length: 175.8 (in) = 4465 (mm)
Width: 68.6 (in) = 1743 (mm)
Height: 57.9 (in) = 1470 (mm)

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Lancia Lybra details:

The Lancia Lybra is a luxury mid-size vehicle from Italian Fiat Auto's upscale marque Lancia. Based on the Alfa Romeo 156 floorpan (and thus being related to the prolific Fiat Tipo platform), it replaced the Dedra within Lancia's lineup, and was similarly low-profile to its predecessor, rather than as well-known as its Alfa sibling. Just like the Dedra, the Lancia Lybra is available as both a sedan and station wagon (billed SW by Lancia).

The model's name, which can be seen as a reference to both the zodiac sign of Libra and the Latin word for balancing scale, signals an end of the previous Lancia naming theme involving the use of Greek letters as model names. The Lancia Lybra is built in the Rivalta plant near Turin.

The Lancia Lybra was styled in Centro Stile Lancia, contrary to earlier Lancia models, which were commissioned from external layout studios. Its look-and-feel is a clear departure from "rectangular" shapes prevalent in 1980s and 1990s Lancias, using heritage-inspired round headlights and other look-and-feel touches inspired by Lancias of the 1950s, like the Aurelia and Appia.

Lancia Lybra coloring