Lancia Musa dimensions

Latest model: Lancia Musa (2008)
Length: 156.9 (in) = 3985 (mm)
Width: 66.9 (in) = 1698 (mm)
Height: 65.4 (in) = 1660 (mm)

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Lancia Musa details:

The New Lancia Musa will make its debut with a world preview in Venice. Successor to a winning model that in three years has won the hearts of many European motorists (in 2006 and 2007 it was Italy's best-selling compact MPV), the new vehicle will again be a winner by product the motoring world all the values of true Italian friendliness. It sets out to recreate a typical Italian atmosphere shape and content-wise, a combination of elegance and informality, punctilious yet disarming, luxury with a naturalness that makes everyone feel at ease. In short, the New Lancia Musa is the Italian feature in the modern European compact scene, embodying concepts of good taste, warmth and generosity.

The New Lancia Musa has been restyled and is now even more up-to-date and appealing due to a number of look-and-feel cues that reflect the very latest sphere trends. And, in fact, this refined new exterior gives the vehicle a greater size impression that target buyers will certainly find appealing, given that additionally to an elegant, refined shape they can also appreciate enhanced functionality and room. Developed at the Lancia Style Centre, this model draws heavily on the classic canons of Lancia look-and-feel reinterpreted in a modern key consistent with trends in look-and-feel found in the luxury vehicle segment.

The front end has been improved with a number of chrome features underlining the new stylistic imprint while at the same time emphasising the model's impression of dynamism, an element that will be a key layout option for future Lancia vehicles. In the centre of the elegant chromed grille is the new Lancia logo, one that is reminiscent of the past but interpreted in a modern key, as is appropriate for a make projected towards future challenges but at the same time proud of its conventional identity.

Lancia Musa coloring